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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear GB,
First off, I am so glad that you are back. Many boring days at the office without my darling GB. I have one simple question for you. You totally called the Demi Lovato breakdown last year in another Dear Gossip Boy, but do you know what was the reason she went over the edge?

Can you imagine spending day in and day out with your ex boyfriend having to watch him fawn all over his new girlfriend?  And let's face facts here, Ms. Greene is totally the type of girl that would flaunt her man in front of his ex.  I'm just surprised that a dancer was the victim and not Ashley herself.

What's the deal with Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Hoesworth?  First they are hot, then they are cold and now I hear rumors of engagement! Please say it ain't so! Welcome Back!
Lots Of Love,

Dear Naive Stephanie,
It Ain't So

Gossip Boy,
Did you see the Arquette marriage falling apart? Do you think that David has need rehab this whole time and that was the reason for the split?

Courteney Cox and David Arquette have always been an amazing couple. But I think Courteney thought David would grow up a little bit as they aged, but he seems to have the Peter Pan thing going on.  And in my opinion, the separation led to David's need for rehab. I believe that they may still have a shot.

What's really going on with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The way they stare at each other is disgusting. I cannot believe that Sandra would go and wreck a marriage they same way her's was ruined.

Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions.  When Sandra's marriage fell apart, Ryan was there to comfort her.  Why is it so hard to believe that she is returning the favor?  It would take a certain type of women to wreck another man's marriage and Sandy is not that type of woman.  But what happens now that they both are single is their business.  I personally think that they would make an amazing couple.

I think I know who Rainbow Dark is. Please, please, please tell me it's Hayden Christensen!

You are a little off, dear.  Though Hayden has his own secrets, Rainbow Dark he is not. RD is a bigger name and a lot sexier.

Gossip Boy,
What's up with Luscious Lucy?  Can you give us a hint as to her age range?

Lucy has been trying to find herself a powerful man so that she in turn can unleash their power on HW.  I'll tell ya this, she is older than Dakota Fanning and younger than Barbara Walters.

I used to love Hayden Panettiere but after Heroes is her career over?  And is she the blind I keep reading about that likes older men? So happy you have returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayden was once thought to be the next it girl, but if you recall, she never rode the fame wave.  She has a role in the upcoming Scream 4 but I think she may be on her way out of town. And yes,Hayden has a yearning for the older men.


Anonymous said...

God....I am so confused now.

I thought Luscious was J Lo - but she wouldn't be looking for a man, since she's married to that creepy looking dude :)

And Hayden is not RD????? Holy cow, who could he be? Ryan Reynolds? Leo DiCaprio???

giovanealex said...

RD can't be Ryan Reynolds. He is surely straight.

Anonymous said...

Thank you GB for notting Hayden Christensen as Rainbow Dark! I never believed it was him, and now hopefully people will start thinking of better candidates. Hmm....

Canuck said...

Dear GB, welcome back and Happy New Year!

Yay for the Skarsgard aint. However, is it just me, or does he set off anyone else's gaydar?

Anonymous said...

Re: Skarsgard. I'd say at most, he's bisexual, not gay. He likes the ladies, though maybe not Bosworth to the extent he pretends. I think he's an equal opportunity sex symbol and what's wrong with that? He should ditch the fake girlfriend and just be the sexy guy he is.