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Monday, January 3, 2011

Ryan Reynolds And Sandra Bullocks New Year Of Love?

Seems that this year's hot new couple may be none other than Sandra Bullock and the newly single Ryan Reynolds.

The close friends spent New Year's Eve together in Austin, Texas as a 1920's themed party, spending the evening dancing and chatting with the rest of the party goers.  The party, which was open to the public, kept on going after Ryan and Sandra left together at 2am.

We all know that Ryan and Sandy have been good friends since filming The Proposal together, but it was also very obvious that the two shared an electric chemistry.  And with Ryan recently divorcing Scarlett Johansson,
we all have to wonder what was really behind their divorce.

I can attest to the fact that I never saw Ryan and Scar in the same room together.  Both with promising careers, they were never in the same state at the same time.  But should we believe the rumors that Ryan and Sandy got to close for Scar's liking?  Scarlett doesn't seem to be pining over her broken marriage, nor does Ryan.

Do you think Sandy and Ryan will be the next big thing? Or is there something else that drove Ryan and Scarlett apart?


Hawt said...

Hehe tsk-tsk.

Anonymous said...

...i don't think they're anything other than good friends...maybe heavy flirting b/c they did have a common connection. i love ryan, but i think (and i say this loosely) he may be interested in something we women cannot accomodate...unfortunately!

carrie said...

RP bulls**t ! they're just friends

Anonymous said...

Hard for me to feel enthusiastic with superstars' hookups. I'm not the "They'd make such cute babies!" type of fan... For movies, I guess they're alright. But for real life? Not sure...

Anonymous said...

OMG Sandra Bullock is a homewrecker!