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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Everyone may say that Scream 4 should have never happened and that it is like beating a dead horse. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, especially in the bloggerverse.  But to you Scream 4 haters, I say suck it.

In 1996 I loved Scream when it came out.  If there was no Scream, there would have been no rebirth of the horror franchise.  Horror movies were dead in 1996, kaput!  Scream came alone and reinvented horror movies and became the rare trilogy of horror films.

Not only were the movies awesome, the core cast were 3 loveable stars.  You had Courtney "Monica" Cox, Neve Campbell with her Party Of Five gorgeousness and David Arquette with his wacky but somewhat do-able aloof self.  When Scream 3 came out I was so excited to see how it would end, but also so sad because it was the end.

To hear that Scream 4 was coming out was amazing.  I too feared that maybe it was going too far.  I still am scared that maybe, just maybe, I would be forced to watch one of my beloved trio get hacked up by some second-rate actor.  Or worse yet, that one of the three would be the one behind the mask.

Kevin Williams wouldn't do that to me though, right? In Dawson I trust. 

1 comment:

Hawt said...

David is still doable.