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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blake Lively Goes For The Gold

In the blink of an eye, Blake Lively has dominated the attention of all the right people.  From dating Leo to the so-called fake nude photo's being leaked, girl has been working it right.

The fact that Blake and Leonardo DiCaprio began dating didn't really seem to shocking.  We all know Leo's type, and Blake fits it perfectly.  As for Blake, well we have seen how the girl has stars in her eyes and Leo's fits her need for that.  I don't think that Leo knew just quite what he was getting himself into with Ms. Lively.  The elusive bachelor is suddenly being spotted everywhere he goes.  Why you ask? Let's discuss.

Like I mentioned before, Blake has always been on the track to stardom.  She knows what she wants and she goes for it.  She is a young Angelina Jolie in the making.  Alerting the proper people where she will be, always ready for a photo op.

I believe that when Blake began dating Leo, she thought it would move her up a couple of ranks.  We are talking about Leo here.  But what Blake didn't take into account is that Leo may be A-List, he's just not on the publicity level that she needed.  By his own choice, mind you.

The nude photo leak caused such an uproar that everyone now knows who Blake Lively is.  When I saw the photos, I laughed.  Blake was clearly drunk in the first set, which explains why she would be taking the photos to begin with.  When they were called fake, I called bullshit.  The posture of the girl alone points out that it is indeed Ms. Lively.  How can they be fake when Blake promised to sue whoever leaked them?  You can't sue them if it isn't you, Love.

Do I think that this has to do with buzz for her upcoming flick, The Green Lantern?  No.  I think that the timing is perfect, but I think the photos were more of a viscous attack.  You have no idea how many people Blake has stepped on and treated badly.  People who know Blake don't always like her.  She is driven and spiteful, but she is looking out for herself.  It's not always liked, but sometimes you have to to what you have to do.

The second round of photos clearly proved that they were indeed Blake.  Of course, her people had nothing to say about those photos. 

So who were you sending photos of your ass too Blake?  Trying to entice someone to come to your hotel room for some booty love?  That might explain why the photo's were leaked to begin with.

There's a certain type of woman in HW you don't mess with Blake.  The bitchy wife.  In the end, she will be the one fucking you.


Hawt said...

Tsk Tsk.

I really can't stand either of them and find them almost equally untalented but I'm cheering for the wife.

Lively lacks subtlety and tact - something was bound to explode in her face sooner or later. I am just surprised it wasn't on a home video.

Canuck said...

Revenge is a dish best served cold... I would say Bravo to the wife who managed to rein in her no doubt "mutually assured destruction" impulses and wait until the time was right.

pomme said...

it's so weird to see every day some paps photos with Dicaprio because usually even when he parties,there is no photo and he's so private

Anonymous said...

Well I knew it was here when I first so what she said about them. I mean its not like she ever covers up her boobs they always well on show LOL It is not a big jump that she would have nude photos. She needs to get over herself. Wow I wasn't prepared for her and married men though that is something else.

Oh well,
Ellen O

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me what he is getting out of this? And don't say ass because he can get that from some model.

Anonymous said...

I always thought he was gay or bi, so maybe she's some kind of beard for him?

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Garner is the wife? Ben Affleck got the pics sent to him?

Apple said...

It is interesting that the photos synch up to the time she was filming with Ben with those dumb star press on tattoos.

But in this day in age, nude photos or sex tapes don't tank your career. It just enhances it.

I think Blake is going to be around of a long, long, time.

Anonymous said...

I think Leo dating Blake was a favor for Ben, since the poker games proved they are friends.

Maybe Blake blackmailed him or has something on him other than the affair? I'm sure Jen already knows.

Sleeping around and stepping on people doesn't get you anywhere Blake, sooner or later things are going to go VERY badly for you.

Anonymous said...

This could give Ben a black eye in Hollywood, if it's true.