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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mini Blinds

1- Which Broadway actress is struggling to hard to stay thin enough to headline that she hasn't eaten in the last 3 days?  Bet her boyfriend wishes he was gay again.

2-Which new Mama is now re-thinking her new family ways.  Turns out having the hot man and adoring baby isn't enough for this girl. She is trying to land a role that will take her to the other side of the world for a good chunk of time.

3-This big name music star has long had a hidden obsession with young men.  Legal men, but still young.  But now he has turned his attention to older men.  Why you might ask?  His ship is sinking fast and he needs the cash.


pomme said...

2: Nathalie Portman?

Anne said...

You back Gossip Boy!!! I missed you!!

as for the blinds, I have no idea!

Anonymous said...

Wecome back Gossip Boy! You were missed BIG TIME!!!

As far I the blinds go this is all I have:

1 - No freakin idea
2 - Kate Hudson
3 - 50 Cents

Oh yeah, have you watched NBCFWB...

Anonymous said...

50Cent has more money than God. Not him.

Welcome back, GB.

Anonymous said...

Did Jessica Alba have her baby yet?

Big name singer with no cash must be a broadway star because any big name pop star has $$$ to last. Who's the out guy who did a guest spot on 30 RocK?

Welcome back gossip boy I hope you enjoyed your Island getaway ;)

Anonymous said...

Other side of he world Eh?

Ms Kelz Y said...

1. ?
2.Natalie Portman
3. Wild guess, but Enrique Iglesias

pusssykatt said...

Yippee! You're back!

ian said...

1. no idea. i bet she's doing the master cleanse fast. what female BW star has a rumored gay BF? i dunno.
2. could be any new mom, and there are several. sounds like postpartum depression might be a possibility. natalie sounds good to me. he's been around for a while but is still young. at least young enough to attract a sugar daddy. but he prefers guys who are younger than himself, barely legal. hmmm. The Beibs?

welcome back GB.

mini blinds said...

Glad to have you back gossip boy. I am going to go with Marc Anthony.