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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things That Need Smashed On NBC's Smash

If you know me, then you had to know that I would be all about NBC's mid-season drama Smash.  Besides the facts that NBC had promos on every fifteen minutes and that Manhattan was covered in Smash paraphernalia, it seemed to be an adult version of Glee.  Something that I, and I believe America, so desperately needed.

Before I go into the topic of this post, I want to preface it by saying that Smash had completely wrapped the filming on season 1 before it had even premiered.  Meaning that the everyone had to live with what they had shot, regardless of the public's opinions.  So, I offer this mere suggestions of things that need to be Smashed before season 2 begins.

1. Ellis.  As if anything else needs said beside that one word.  Every time I see him lurking around or popping up to Angelica Houston with some dull brained idea, I pray that someone finally puts the two-faced twit in his place.  I have never detested a character so much.  EVER!

2. Debra Messing 's ugly ass black sunglasses. If I have to see her sulking around pitying herself for opening her Gracie for a second helping of extramarital sex, I am going to rip them off her face and smash them over Ellis' head.

3. Quit the ridiculous on-location numbers.  The best thing that Smash has going for it is that it is a better version of Glee.  Smash took the idea of Chicago and wisely put most of the musical numbers into the character's heads.  I believe that Ivy would daydream while she sang alone in her bedroom. I however do not believe that Ivy and Karen suddenly mended fenced to perform an impromptu performance in the middle of Time Square.A

4. Fix Ivy.  Her character is heading down a bad path, and I don't mean that in a must see TV kind of way.  I felt bad when she was fired from the workshop, I however did not feel bad when her mother came to town.  I think Ivy is such a self righteous bitch who thinks she deserves the world because...well I am not sure why.  Her mother was my hero for finally treating a character I couldn't stand the way that I wanted to.

5. Stop breaking up every core couple just to shove Ivy and Derek down our throats.  Not that Jack Davenport isn't sexy enough to shove anything he wants anywhere he wants, I am just tired of these two being the flagship couple.  Julia's marriage to Frank was taken from one extreme to another and then just killed.  Karen and Dev have pretty much called it quits and Tom just got dumped.  Maybe this is why you call it Smash, for all the broken hearts you've collected.

6. Thorston Kaye- Keep him and use him well.  Preferably shirtless.

7. NO MORE STUNT CASTING!! Not only did I have to suffer through a JoBro who was apparently a psychic dancer, not I have to watch Uma Thurman?  Again, you're not Glee.......or are you??


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. We sure have missed you

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