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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keanu Reeves To Star In Speed 3

Jay Leno reported in his Monday night monologue that Keanu Reeves has signed on to star in Speed 3.  Not really sure how much truth this holds since rumors of this box office bomb have been circulating since December of last year.

I cannot imagine that Keanu would agree to return to a 3rd movie after turning down the second one, which Sandra Bullock tried so hard to pull off.  But then again, this is the guy who agreed to do a movie about a magic mailbox, be the judge.


godo said...

When you are hard up for cash, revive an old franchise! Sometimes it works, sometimes it flops.

Anonymous said...

Keanu is not hard up for cash. If the script sucks he will walk. S3 will not be a FTT or Saw with Keanu in it.