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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear GB,
Now that you claim that you are not Jake Gyllenhaal, can I ask if you have worked with him?  Love your blog, hilarious!

I have not worked with him the way that I want to :-)
But about my identity:
I am just going to say this about my identity.  It should not matter who I am because the blog is just for entertainment and to brighten up days.  I have said this many of times, so with this time I will add this.  I feel that my identity has caused to much concern and has taken away from things so I will no longer be answering any questions pertaining to my real name.  Enjoy the blog for what it is and have fun, but don't stress about the little things in life.  Thanks for listening to my rant <3

Gossip Boy,
Hail Mary has intrigued me from the first day that I read it.  I have tried to figure it out Jessica Simpson pops to my mind.  Could it be her?  Keep on blogging!

Hail Mary is not Jessica Simpson.  Hail Mary is younger and more stylish.

Gossip Boy,
I am going to be honest with you.  Some of your blinds are very obvious, such as Justin Case and Rock Jock.  So why even make them blinds?  I have a question for Rainbow Dark, since he is the one that I cannot solve.  Has he ever been part of a franchise?  And is he a bankable star?

RD has been part of a film series I believe.  As for bankable, not so much anymore, though he likes to think that he is.  Sunshine is becoming more of a bigger name than poor RD.

I don't understand why you insinuate that Bradley Cooper is gay.  He IS NOT gay, he was married for Pete's sakes.  You gossip blogs ruin celebrities good names with gay rumors.  Admit that he is not gay!

Dear Renee or Bradley,
Your attempts are pretty obvious.  I never insinuated that Bradley was gay and even if he was, it's the small minded people of the world like you that still believe that being gay would ruin someone's "good name" as you put it.  Maybe you are the one who needs to stop labeling people for who they are and stop pointing the finger at bloggers.

Does Dakota Fanning have anything that she wants to keep private?  How close are her and KStew exactly?

If you are hinting at the fact that Dakota and Kristen are more than ex-costars you are wrong.  The only lip service they share is on film.  Dakota is still a young girl who has a good head on her shoulders.  She may be one of the child stars that actually make it.  
I love your site. How did I ever live without it? I've spent the last week watching Colin Farrell give one interview after another, about how he's reformed his bad boy ways. I'm not buying it.   I know from experience that leopards don't change their spots. Have you heard any dirt on him or has he been the subject of a blind recently?

Colin Farrell is not the man he used to be, but that's just because he is not at big.  But believe that Colin still likes to have some fun, he is just more sober now when he does it.  Which is sad considering a lot of people only got a little Colin because he wasn't sober.

Sleazy Six Pack is my new favourite blind item Star.  I think I might know who he is so i just have to ask if he made an appearance at the MTV Awards.  Please never stop blogging!

Thanks for the love.  SSP might have popped up at the MTV Awards, might have to watch it again to see.  That would be a little obvious to answer don't ya think?  I will tell you this, SSP is having a good week and will probably be up to his old dirty ways this weekend.

A.Skars and K.Ho, is it real?

These two might enjoy each others company and have some fun together, but I don't think that these FWB will amount to anything major.  

What is up with Reese and her new boyfriend?  They are moving very quickly since she just broke up with Jake not that long ago.  Why hasn't Jake moved on?

Word on the street is the reason Jake and Reese split was something that would make Jake not trust anyone for a bit.  You could imagine that he might need some healing time.  Hopefully his eyes will open enough to know that he is making some big mistakes in the dating game.  Maybe Adam Levine will teach him a thing or two.

I hate Justin Bieber but I need to know if he is a squeaky clean as he seems.  Love you forever!

Love you right back.  Justin is kind of young to be that corrupted, but he should probably have a talk with his mom.  She seems to have a huge mouth and if anyone reveals his vice, it would be her.  Of course she has to okay everything so she won't be going anywhere.

I love Joe Jonas, please please please tell me that he is not the douche that he seems to be!

Joe is just young and misunderstood.  Give him some time, I'm sure he will get his head on straight.

I know that you have a huge crush on Alex O'Laughlin but I have to ask if he is the blind who got his girlfriend pregnant and took off to Hollywood with someone else.  I have heard rumors of this before.
Annie E.


Gossip Boy,
Patrick Dempsey seems to be not as squeaky clean as everyone thinks.I hear that there is a lot of drama over on Grey's and was thinking he might have something to do with it. Love your site! You stole me from Ted!

Patrick doesn't really cause the drama, though the McDreamy status might have gone to his head a little too much.  Now that he has landed Transformers 3 it might soften the blow from not being asked back from Scream 4.

Dear Gossip Boy,
If your acting career were to end, would you consider a writing career?  Maybe replace a gossip columnist from another site when he retires?  If not, you should get your own, GB is too good to stay so unknown!
Amy and Greg

Amy and Greg,
Thanks to you both.  As for a writing career, I have actually written a lot of fiction that of course has never been published.  Writing is a thing I like to do for fun and if I made it a job I don't know if I would like it as much.  As for replacing said writer, he is irreplaceable but every good thing must come to an end.

Dear GeeBee,
Miley and Nick were a hot couple.  I know they are a little young for you to know but have you heard rumors of anything?

They are not rumors, and trust me....everyone heard.


Thanks said...

Thanks GB, i so wanted a jensen and jared question, but this would do! Thank you

Hollowdoll said...

Wow! I hadn't heard that about Alex. That is very disappointing.

Divide by Zero said...

Lol @ Jackie. Oh, you. ADMIT IT! Honestly, I wonder about these people who think that someone being gay is "giving them a bad name". Orly? How, exactly?

A, just A said...

What a great Dear Gossip Boy!!! So worth the wait!!! Did I ever mention this is my favourite section in your brilliant blog? Oh I'm sentimental & I love letters, I must confess ;-).

You have reminded me of what good times feel like, GeeBee. How little it actually takes to feel alright and smiley...

Stay Beautiful, Dear Gossip Boy. xoxo

entertainment crumb said...

I love Dear Gossip Boy days, too. You're direct instead of yanking your readers around like certain other bloggers. I love that!

Sleeping on Buses said...

Hey GB,

Did Alex O'Laughlin take off to Hollywood with holly Valace? Also, is the girl he knocked up in Aus?

Anonymous said...

Reading Dear GB is one of my favorite things to do.

Anonymous said...

So who is this "Troy" guy in relation to Jensen? Could this possibly be true?

Abril said...

Nonnie, what Troy are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Who is troy?? I know a few pics that have been coming up, with this same guy, jensen known him for a loong time, so im not sure, what troy?

Anonymous said...

re: Alex O'Laughlin - I'm very disappointed. Just another dime-a-dozen celebrity douche.

Anonymous said...

My whole fantasy world about Alex O has just been crushed. Heavy sigh! I'm going to mope around my cube today in my own little pity party.


Pinky said...

@Maxine - i love your cartoons ;)

Anonymous said...

@Pinky, you are the only one that "gets me". Have a great evening.


Callie said...

I really did not think that Alex O'Laughlin was so smarmy. Guess I have to ditch my rose colored glasses now. And I was soooo happy that Moonlight is back on too.