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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who Is Coming Out On True Blood?

We have an awesome new blind item on our hands folks.  Fangbangers gather 'round and put your thinking caps on. We are all craving our True Blood fix, and we don't have much longer to wait.  Season 4, which premiers Sunday, June 26th at 9pm on HBO, has began to garner more buzz as a juicy little tidbit has been partially revealed.

Word is that a current hetero- character on TB is switching teams this season, promising some hot sex scenes.  True Blood has never been one to shy away from same sex hookups.  We got Lafayette and (HolySmokin) Jesus, and who can forget that "hard Arkansas water" scene between Bill and Sam.  Oh, and let's not forget Nan's gayness, Eric's bisexuality and his minion Pam's lust for the ladies.

But there are a slew of suspects that could be marching in the Bon Temps Pride Parade next year, and we have gathered the suspects after the jump.

Sam Merlotte: Sam has always been pretty damn straight.  Until the night he had the homo erotic dream of Bill, which was blamed on the fact that Sam had Bill's blood in his system.  However, maybe the dream actually aroused some craving for some man meat.  I wouldn't say that Sam is the best candidates but there is a good 17.5 % chance that Sam's rainbow card is being printed as we speak.

 Tara Thornton: If anyone has had her fill of men, it would be Tara.  After being in love with an oblivious Jason Stackhouse for her entire life, she began to hook up with her boss Sam Merlotte.  Sam fell for her, but she fell for Eggs.  Their intense relationship ended when he was shot and killed.  Along came Franklin Mott, vampire extraordinaire.  He not only glamours her and kidnaps her, he bites her and ties her to a bed for weeks, or days.  It's hard to tell in Bon Temps time.  Luckily Tara escaped after "killing" Franklin.  Like any crazy, murdered stalker, Franklin  comes back for Tara and is killed by Jason.  For a brief moment Tara and Jason seemed to have a future together, but Jason revealed to her that he was the one to shoot and kill her beloved Eggs.  Now that I think about it, Tara has every reason to become a lesbian.  After all of that, who would want anything to do with a penis carrier? 

Jason Stackhouse: We all know and lust for the sexy as all hell, but dumb as a wet napkin, Jason Stackhouse.  The boy has a body that never quits and every woman in town usually gets a slice of his pie.  Jason has always been a ladies man, so to even think of him with another man is preposterous, but hot.  We all know that met his soul mate in the last season of True Blood, but what you may not know is that Jason becomes more of a leading character this season.  His character does have a huge transformation, but I doubt that it will include a feather boa.  Although he does already have the construction worker uniform for Halloween.

Alcide Herveaux: Alcide came onto the scene as our sexy little werewolf that put a crimp on the Bill and Sookie relationship, thank God.  He had baggage with his ex who broke his poor little heart, and looked to Sookie to heal it. Being a new character, we don't know enough about to him to rule him out.  I mean he is a werewolf, maybe he spend his free times in local gay Bear bars.

Alcide doesn't strike me as the character that is going to be coming out, simply because I cannot see it fitting in the storyline.  However we cannot completely rule this one out, so we will give him a 35% chance of becoming the new fairy in Bon Temps.

Hoyt Fortenberry:  Hoyt Fortenberry has grown from a country looking mama's boy to a smoldering hot southern, fangbanging gentleman right before our eyes.  He and Jessica have had a tricky relationship, but they seem to be the new Bill and Sookie, but more interesting and likeable.  While I think Hoyt has turned into quite the catch, I don't see him at home alone singing to Liza.

 Sookie Stackhouse: Would Alan Ball really turn the heroine into a lesbian?  Sure, Anna Paquin came out as bisexual in real life, but could it have inspired Alan to do the same for Sookie?
We all know that Sookie was deeply in love with Bill, and we love that she lusted for the undeniable Eric.  Now that she has discovered that she is a fairy, could the girl who once never curse be embracing the change and giving up on men?  Maybe that's what happened when you find out you have a little fairy inside of you. 

Eric Northman: We all know that Eric knows how to get behind a guy and give it to him like a true gay.  And Eric can argue that it was simply for revenge, but I have been pretty mad at some women and I have never bent them over to get revenge.  Though Eric longs to be with Sookie, like every other guy in town that isn't related to her, we have to all admit that Eric has a certain flair to him.  Or is it Alexander Skarsgard's flair laying overlaying on Eric?  Either way, I give it a 30 % chance that we will get to see Eric getting serviced by Jesus.

Bill Compton: Now that Bill has lost Sookie for good, one would begin to wonder who would put up with his demanding ways.  I am just thankful I don't have to hear him say Sookie in that way at least 50 times an episode.  But to think that Bill would turn gay would be an interesting twist.  However, that would ruin any chance of Bill and Sookie reuniting in the future.  And I may not like them, Sookie and Bill are the Ross and Rachel of Bon Temps.  Sticking a fork in your power couple is a little to risky I would think.  Then again, we are talking about Alan Ball.  I give Bill a 45% chance of being the New Year Queer.

Of course, then there is this piece of evidence to factor in......


Urno Talbot said...

I wish it was someone more exciting but since she has been so burned, the word is it's Tara.

Anonymous said...

Tara? Please say it isn't so! It would be so much more exciting to have it be Hoyt, Jason or Alcide.

Anonymous said...

I'll tune in again if we get a real gay storyline and boy kissing. Sorry Tara but the girl on girl won't get me back though I think it;s a positive step for the show.

chris said...

Season 4 sounds interesting, and that's fortunate because Season 3 left me feeling like I'd had my fill of the show. Alan Ball seemed to have run out of good ideas. Episode after episode of mindless blood and guts isn't my idea of a story line worth sustaining.

I think Tara will be the coming out character, with Pam as her new paramour, based on the hints Alan Ball has dropped about each of them.

Chris said...

BTW, if it is Tara, I wouldn't necessarily call it a coming out - switching sides for fun due to her miserable experiences with men appears more likely. It happens.

Hawt said...

Tara is a red herring. (*smothers a snicker*) Second episode introduced another possibility.